Underrated Benefits of Owning a Home

Many are familiar with benefits of owning a home. Perhaps the foremost benefit in the minds of people is the status symbol of a contributing and active member of a community that home ownership provides. There is a sense of freedom associated with home ownership. If a home owner wants to change the color of a room, or install a two-story bounce house, they are free to make their dreams a reality. Of course, a home is also an investment that can increase in equity. There are additional benefits to owning a home that hide beneath the surface. Here’s a look at some of the underrated benefits of home ownership.

  1. Stability– Moving can be difficult and stressful. Home owners move much less frequently than renters. Stability in physical location is typically a result of financial stability.
  2. Education– Students living in a home tend to show higher results in educational outcomes. To a degree this can be linked to the stability of the parents.
  3. Psychological Heath– As with the aforementioned difficulty in changing residential locations, homeowners tend to show a higher level of psychological health
  4. Safety– Homeowners suffer more directly from high crime rates. It is common for home owners to band together to create and promote safe neighborhoods.

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