Tips to Create a Great Yard!

Are you ready to make your lawn look perfect? Think of grass. Now think of well-kept grass. Now think even more well-kept grass. If you think hard enough, your thoughts will turn to the best kept grass there is; a baseball diamond. We’re not talking about a local little league field. A major league baseball diamond is grass perfection. What makes it look so great? It must be the razor-sharp stripes mowed into a flawless pattern.


As humans, we typically take the best care of the things that we own. Apartment dwellers and condo renters are rarely in charge of lawn work. It’s the home owners that take meticulous care of their lawn. What does it take to make a lawn look like Chase Stadium or Wrigley Field? Follow these instructions, and learn the secret behind the major league lawn.


  1. Pick a Pattern: Stripes are the simplest. The simple back and forth pattern is the most commonly used in residential areas. Slightly more advanced are the diamond and checkerboard patterns. There are limitless options for complex patterns. Make sure when you pick a pattern that you can keep track of it, and not miss any spots.
  2. Practice: It can be surprisingly difficult to walk in a straight line for the length of a lawn. Unless you own the latest and greatest lawn mower that drives itself, you may have to overcome a rickety old mower that always pulls to the right. Perhaps your lawn might not be level. Your conditions may never be as ideal as a baseball field, but you can perfect the art over time.
  3. Details: Here is the secret technique to set your lawn apart from your neighbors. Use a lawn roller. This is how baseball diamonds look so crisp. After you are done mowing, go over your lawn with a lawn roller in the same directions that you mowed. This might sound like mowing the lawn twice, but lawn rolling goes much faster, requires no gas-guzzling motor, and is quiet and relaxing in comparison. This is what will give your pattern that professional pop. Of course, it goes without saying that you should use a grass trimmer to reach the corners and edges of the lawn.
  4. Extra Tips: You’re almost a professional. Make sure you mow the grass on a high setting. Short grass doesn’t create a high contrast pattern. It is also better for the grass during hot summer months.


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