House Hunting Tips

House hunting can be a lot of work. Don’t charge in blindly by looking for the perfect home doing a Google search. Get a Realtor, and follow this simple house hunting checklist.

  1. Drive with Your Realtor: If you are going to view more than one property, ask if you can carpool with your realtor. Besides saving gas money, you will be able to talk with your Realtor in between tours. This will help your Realtor get a better feel for your likes and concerns of each property so they can help you find a home that fits your needs.
  2. Open Every Door: Literally, open every door. Sometimes the layout of a house is not what you might assume. You may see a door inside of a bedroom and assume it’s a closet or bathroom. You might be surprised to find a hallway, another room, large walk-in closet, or master bathroom. Even open drawers and cupboards.
  3. Be Respectful: Save any criticism for after you have left the house, and the property, and the neighborhood. It’s all too common for sellers to hear negative feedback from a prospective buyer. It can come back to haunt you later if you end up making an offer on the house.
  4. Be Blunt: After you have left the house, property, and neighborhood, remember that the Realtor is not showing you their house. Be honest and open with your Realtor about any feedback you have.
  5. Plan Plenty of Time: You may be tempted to squeeze a tour in between your 4 o’clock yoga appointment and 5:30 book club meeting. It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to complete all of the aforementioned tasks in as thorough manner as possible.


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