Finishing Your Basement The Right Way

Having your forever home may mean a lot of things. It could say that you have a house that is in great shape and will stay with your family for a generation. On the other hand, it could be a home that is enough for your family now and can continue to expand if the family grows or changes. One of the most significant ways a home can improve is getting an unfinished basement finished. Before you consider finishing your basement, you should do a little research and strategize. What are some things you should think of before going full throttle?


Whether you are taking care of all, some, or none of the work of the basement, you will want to make sure all the essentials are right. Plumbing will be one of the principal things you will need to make sure is in working condition, especially with an inspector. Make sure the pipe is up to date and in working order in your basement before plunging ahead with the rest of the work.


Your finished basement will need light! You will be required to have light fixtures throughout the space, but the more windows available, the better you can allow natural light to brighten up your space. Natural light saves you money by providing light and heat for less than other artificial methods. It will also show your home in a lot more natural way.


By having a strategy about how you are going to use the extra space, you will have a better idea how to construct the area. You may need the space for additional rooms for family members; you might use it for an exercise area, or extra entertaining space. Each of these options will dictate how you organize and build the space. Some of those may require the basement ceilings to be higher. You should plan on taller ceilings to cost more. Other options may not need the higher ceilings and save you on the cost of renovating.

Plan ahead

A basement doesn’t always have to be done all at the same time. If you don’t have the budget for an entire basement remodel, consider doing things one year at a time. Finish a bathroom first, then next year, a room. While you will need to have permits for all of these things, it may be a way to be able to save up for your basement to be finished in shifts.

Basements can be a great way to add space to a smaller house. They can serve a lot of different purposes, so if you have one, consider finishing it to give you the space you need for exercise, entertainment or even giving bedroom space for more people that will come into your life. Make sure you have finished it the right way so that it can be a great addition to your home.






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