Family Game Night

Remember games like Monopoly, Clue, and Sorry? These classics bring many families together around the kitchen table. However, these board games are quite dated. Imagine the most recent movie you’ve seen is The Bride of Frankenstein. A classic movie to be sure, but there are many wonderful movies since the release of this 1935 horror film. Monopoly was also released in 1935. Movies have come a long way, and so have board games. Here’s a list of some family fun board games created in more recent years.

  1. Ticket to ride (2004). This game quickly attained the “modern classic” status among board games. Players take quick turns collecting different colored trains in order to connect routes across the continental US. This railway themed game is easy to learn and plays in about one hour.
  2. Sushi Go (2013). Who doesn’t like sushi? Ok, maybe some people don’t, but this game has cute little illustrations of Sushi. Players simultaneously select cards trying to make sets to score points. This deliciously themed game is very simple and plays in about 15 minutes.
  3. Codenames (2015). This one feels like a classic. It’s a team game with word association. One player on each team says a one-word clue and tries to get their team to guess the words on the table that are associated with the clue. This simple but challenging word game plays in about 15 minutes.
  4. Splendor (2014). A game about collecting rare gems. It comes with lots of colorful poker-style chips. It’s a fast and intuitive game that plays in about 30 minutes.

5. Bang! The Dice Game (2013). Let’s admit it, Yahtzee is a classic dice rolling game, but it’s about as boring as a pile of socks. Bang! The Dice Game is the follow up to a popular Italian card game. Players take on the role of western gun slingers in a quick dice throwing shoot out that plays in about 15 minutes.

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