Communicate Like a Pro

Communication technology is impressive. Vast amounts of the collective knowledge of the human race spanning great lengths of time are quite literally at the fingertips of the average person. However, access to modern communication technology is not a substitute for communication skills. Personal relationships and even corporations live and die by communication.  Rather than providing a list of different ways to improve communication, here is one simple technique to hone your communication skills.

Pick up the phone: We live in an age of instant communication. Emails, text messages, social media, and an endless list of applications offer a surplus of options. Unfortunately, an actual phone call is often placed with other archaic forms of communication. Sending a written message, even an instant one, has its limitations. It takes longer to write than it does to speak. It often takes a longer time to respond back and forth. Simple conversations that would take 10 minutes on the phone can turn into a whole day affair. Despite emojis and other poor grammar techniques, written messages are almost completely devoid of emotion and intonation. Implied meaning and intent can become lost in written words. Perhaps the phone bill was once a concern for making too many phone calls, but most cellular service providers only offer unlimited calls and texts. It will improve your communication skills to talk on the phone instead of sending a text.


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